As if I wasn’t already scared enough of bacteria and bugs, medical school has made it even worse! I am now constantly washing my hands every 10 minutes, or every time I touch something…whatever comes first (like a lunatic, lol). Since I am currently taking microbiology, I am learning about all of the little invisible bugs that want to invade your body, and do horrible things to it. So, to prevent that, you MUST wash your hands frequently! Make it a habit! Of course, you don’t have to get all paranoid like me, and wash them every two seconds. However, just make sure that when you do wash your hands, do it for about 20 seconds, and get a nice lather going. To make the 20 seconds easier, just sing the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG! lol (You might as well have fun, right?). Last but not least, try to lay off the antibacterial soaps if you can.  We don’t want to kill all of the normal “good” bacteria on our hands. Also, we want to try to prevent those little resistant bacteria from forming that will really try to “get us”, even more than the regular bad bacteria & viruses. Hope you now will feel differently about hand washing. I know I do! Now…..go wash those hands! lol. (…Forreal).